VideoPal Including a Choice of Bonuses

Inside a nutshell, Video Pal lets you create ‘walk-on’ presenters – called ‘video pals’ inside the software – for just about any website (including other people’s sites). You‘ll well have seen this in action with your travels all around the internet.

However, that is certainly as good as – otherwise better than – what I‘ve run into elsewhere and is extremely impressive in software at this low price point. If you‘re doing things right, your VideoPal Software will certainly be made a call to action i. e. acquiring the viewer to bring some sort of action.

VideoPal Including a Choice of Bonuses

And I‘m including a choice of bonuses in order to make the deal much more attractive…

Bonus 1 : Green Screen Profits with giveaway rights

‘Green Screen Profits’ is Todd Gross’s course approach create ‘green screen’ videos and utilize them to be able to increase email optins and sales. It‘ll also show you how you can use green screen to show yourself (or other live presenter ) into your ‘video pal’ for use using the Video Pal software. Green screen videos are live action videos which are, as their name suggests, shot having a presenter in front of the green screen. The footage can then be edited to restore the green screen along with video footage or static images. In this manner, you are able to cause it to be appear the presenter is inside an office, upon the beach, up a mountain, in front from the Eiffel Tower, or elsewhere that takes your fancy. Todd spent many years like a weather presenter, using green screen on a everyday basis. When he moved into internet marketing, Todd used his presentation and green screen skills as the idea for building his seven-figure business. Green Screen Profits shows you ways to emulate Todd’s success. He covers from making a low-cost, corner-of-a-room green screen studio towards the ‘weatherman’s secret’ of always pointing at exactly the ideal place upon the background video or image. Green Screen Profits has sold for anything as much as $297, but you will get it completely free whenever you put money into Video Pal. Not just that, you also get giveaway rights, so that you could make use of this as a strong lead magnet or with valuable content for the followers.

Bonus 2 : 5 Todd Gross ‘video pals’

Todd Gross is knowledgeable presenter and you receive a choice of video pals featuring him whenever you put money into Video Pal. Using this bonus, you will get a further 5 Todd Gross video pals to include in your video projects.

Bonus 3 : 5 2D animated video pals

Along with the 5 Todd Gross video pals, you also get a further 5 2D animated video pals, making an additional 10 elements you should use with your video projects.

Bonus 4 : Video Pal case studies

4 real life case studies of how businesses are using video pals to extend engagement and conversions on the websites. Theory is definitely thing, but seeing how video pals are now being utilized in practice provides you with inspiration and also a head start for your own personal business.

VideoPal Including a Choice of Bonuses

Bonus 5 : Vector Fire Sale including resale rights

VideoPal Review ‘Vector Fire Sale’ is really a collection of 595 character images, 70 animated characters and many icons – all professionally created – that you may use with your video projects. More appropriately, you will get resale rights, so that you could sell this collection in your own personal business.

Bonus 6 : 2 animated video avatars

You receive a doctor and also a workman avatar to feature within your niche-specific video projects. Next up is really a choice of WordPress plugins…

Bonus 7 : Social Commerce

This plugin lets you create an easy ecommerce store inside any WordPress website.

Bonus 8 : Social Share

This plugin lets you offer rewards to your web visitors in exchange to the confident people sharing your links on social media. For instance, ‘lock’ a special report and grant access following a visitor has shared your articles with, say, 5 Facebook friends. Adding this ‘viral effect’ to your web will maximize the return you will get from all of the traffic you generate.

Bonus 9 : WP Viral Click

VideoPal Software Review, ‘WP Viral Click’ is really a plugin that enables one to ‘harvest’ relevant content from other internet sources and add it to your own personal WordPress website, legally and ethically. And it could be done with just a couple of clicks of your respective mouse.

Bonus 10 : WP iAsk

‘WP iAsk’ lets you quickly create surveys and questionnaires for the WordPress website. This sort of interactive content is shown to extend engagement significantly. And WP iAsk also has analytical functions that enable one to summarize and interpret the data you‘re collecting so that you could better understand your visitors and tailor your articles and offers on their needs.

Bonus 11 : List Building Excellence

This video course sets out a step-by-step plan using the aim of building an email collection of 1, 000+ subscribers inside 30 days. Additionally covers how to produce a ‘newsletter’ that could engage along with your subscribers and let you monetize your growing list.


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